VadaTech has announced an initiative to bring its existing commercially-developed designs to the 3U VPX form factor. This gives defense customers the opportunity to take field-proven designs in another standard format with strong market adoption. With over 300 relevant products, VadaTech could very quickly have the largest portfolio of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VPX products in the industry. 


Our initial product offerings focus on our strength in data acquisition and sensor processing, followed by storage and networking. In addition, VadaTech’s extensive FMC product base is also applicable in the VPX form factor. 


We currently offer a range of 6U VPX carrier boards that enable you to take advantage of FMC, COM Express or PMC architectures in your VPX systems. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest information on new VPX products as they are launched.

Where is VPX deployed today?

Military/aerospace applications

  • Signal processing
  • RADAR / SONAR systems
  • C4ISR/electronic warfare systems


VadaTech offers a range of chassis for 3U VPX modules, with both vertical and horizontal board mount configurations. Please contact sales directly for specific requirements not yet listed here.




These 6U carrier boards make it easier to migrate to the VPX architecture and develop or deploy using your current technologies




VadaTech storage modules support rotary and solid-state drives, including high-performance NVMe devices. Please contact sales directly for specific requirements not yet listed here.




VadaTech offers the latest high performance IntelĀ® processors in the OpenVPX form factor with a range of environmental specifications.



FPGA/FMC Carriers

VadaTech VPX FPGA modules feature Altera Stratix V, Xilix Zynq, Xilinx Artix, Xilinx Virtex-7 and Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGAs. We also offer a range of carriers that can accommodate standard FMCs featuring FPGAs from Altera and Xilinx, including the new Xilinx UltraScale family.



A/D & D/A

VadaTech has one of the most extensive portfolios of A/D and D/A converters in the industry, in a range of form factors and a variety of channel and sampling rate options to meet all your data acquisition needs. Our ADC and DAC are widely used in military, aerospace, industrial and high energy physics applications thanks to variants based on FMC, OpenVPX, AdvancedTCA (ATCA), and MicroTCA.




VadaTech switches all include platform health management based on our in-house IPMI software stack and widely-deployed shelf management software. Optional capabilities include advanced clocking (including GPS/SyncE/IEEE1588) and virtual JTAG.



Shelf Management

VadaTech VPX IPMC and Chassis Management solutions support VITA 46.11 Tier-2 command set, providing a higher level of functionality in the management layer and chassis cooling capabilities. Additionally, VadaTech VPX management solutions have taken advantage of the HPM.1 PICMG specification providing a framework for upgrading the IPMC firmware.




VadaTech can provide unique products to accelerate your development, simplify your testing and enable you and your customers to deploy smoothly.



Digital and Serial I/O

VadaTech has extensive experience in supplying I/O payload modules in support of complete system configurations, including RS-422/485, isolated I/O, and STD-1553. Please contact your local sales office if the specific interface required is not listed here.



Filler Panels & Accessories

VadaTech offers a filler panel for 3U or 6U Module Slots for VPX systems enabling you to adjust airflow in response to airflow analysis.