As manufacturers build smarter, globally networked production facilities that take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, they need scalable, fault-tolerant computing platforms with built-in network and system management capabilities. The MicroTCA (MTCA) architecture meets all these requirements and more. 


MTCA is an ideal architecture for the migration of industrial automation systems based on CompactPCI or VME single board computers (SBCs). A high performance backplane based on SRIO, Gen3 PCIe or 10/40GbE fabrics, health management and fault tolerance are all part of the open specification.


VadaTech offers embedded computing solutions based on open source processor and FPGA technologies, enabling you to take advantage of a merchant market for compatible, interoperable building blocks while making it easier to integrate our technologies with your unique requirements such as I/O. This also allows you to take advantage of our continuous R&D in multiple industries and leverage architectures such as PCIe and PMC using AdvancedMC (AMC) carrier modules.




  • Factory Automation

  • Process Control

  • Automated Test & Measurement

  • Laser Etching

  • Industrial Robotics

  • PLC

Application Case Studies


The inter-processor bandwidth and scalability of MicroTCA make it suitable for high-end industrial applications.

VadaTech worked with an industry-leading OEM to transition from a custom dual-core platform to a MicroTCA platform based on QorIQ processors. This transition reduced the cost, size and power requirement of the platform significantly, and led to a system architecture that scales well across a wide and complex product range.

Another application example is a high-end lithography system using AdvancedTCA with several AMCs.  Contact VadaTech to discuss your industrial application.


Related VadaTech Products for Industrial Automation

The VT930 is a industrial-grade rugged chassis to the MicroTCA.1 specifications.   It is used in IA and other light-rugged applications.  All of VadaTech's over 200 AMCs can be easily modified to the MicroTCA.1 standard.  

Product Locating Tips for Industrial Automation

The Product Finder page will also help you find various uTCA processors, switch modules, specialty boards, chassis platforms and more.  Product Locating Tips for Industrial Automation:     The Product Locator page will also help you find various uTCA processors, switch modules, specialty boards, chassis platforms and more.


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