VadaTech supplies COTS and semi-custom system solutions into an extensive range of military and aerospace programs, many of which require ruggedized platforms.


Our expertise is in designing around open standards wherever possible (such as conduction or flow-thru modules to MicroTCA or VPX standards) to maximize your benefit in terms of cost, interoperability and product lifecycle.


We use 3D solid modelling together with finite element analysis (FEA) and dynamic analysis in platform design. We can secure the components on board level product to withstand vibration and offer conformal coating in our own manufacturing facility. We can then test the resulting products using in-house shock/vibration equipment and our environmental test chamber.  


Example products cover the full range of platform size to support applications from compact signal acquisition to high-end network processing. 


  • The VT820, for instance, is a MIL-STD-810F ATCA chassis designed specifically for harsh environments, with a typical deployment being an airborne C4ISR application.
  • The VT950 is a 1U MicroTCA chassis used for sub-surface naval or ground mobile applications.
  • The VT870 is an ATR style chassis that demonstrates how MTCA.3 can be used to meet extremely challenging environmental requirements.


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