We apply design validation techniques appropriate to the end user application and the class of product involved. Whether it’s a standard module- or chassis-level products, or we’re collaborating with you on a complete integrated platform, our validation and test methodology is rigorous and has been refined over many years. We will work with you to define system-level validation, identifying the process used to show line-by-line compliance with the specification.  


For rugged products this will typically include mechanical (e.g. finite element analysis) and thermal (e.g. computational fluid dynamics) analysis. We have in-house facilities to confirm compliance with shock/vibration, thermal or humidity requirements. Using the same facilities, we can apply environmental stress screening (ESS) to enhance product reliability, as often defined in the supply contract.  


For higher volume OEM customers, VadaTech offers the ability to pre-load customer application software and validate operation at the final product level, drop-shipping around the world if required.  


An example of drop-ship provision is discussed here.