About VadaTech


VadaTech is a world leader in the design and manufacture of embedded computing solutions.  The products include configurable application-ready systems and their building blocks of boards, chassis and enabling software.  


Based on a unique combination of electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise, VadaTech delivers commercial and rugged computing solutions to meet the high-reliability requirements of a wide variety of industries including communications, energy, industrial automation, medical, military, aerospace, research/physics and transportation.


We are technology leaders

VadaTech is a dynamic company, pushing technology to new limits. We provide customers with access to breakthrough technologies in a format they can develop, integrate and deploy with faster speed, lower cost and less risk. Close relationships with silicon vendors means that we are regularly first to bring their latest innovations to market in a deployable board format. 


Rapidly evolving technologies require VadaTech's customers to adopt open architecture hardware platforms to meet the demands of their markets, which are many times uncertain and unstable thus demanding a nimble response. With a focus on open standards managed by the VITA and PICMG trade associations and the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG), VadaTech offers unmatched product selection and expertise, especially in the areas of data acquisition, signal processing, FPGA modules, rugged systems, and other cutting edge embedded technologies. 


We commit to our customers

At VadaTech, we differentiate ourselves from other embedded computer manufacturing companies by incorporating our customers' vision into the product specification and development process; all the way through to deployment. Our partnership philosophy with our customers expands their engineering resources, increasing their value and reducing their time to market.  


Throughout each project, we work closely with our clients to ensure that a high level of support and communication is provided from development through to successful deployment. Our collaborative approach to product development enables us to share ‘the power of vision’ with our customers. 


We deliver complexity

Focused on embedded computing applications, our vision transforms advanced technology into innovative solutions to complex challenges. We address the complete signal chain with knowledgeable and experienced application support, to enable system and design efficiencies, getting you to market faster. Our system management expertise comes from years of providing complete, integrated systems to prime contractors and OEMs and is incorporated into our building block designs.


We design every element with the end system in mind but also with the flexibility to adapt to other applications and systems.  


For example, our shelf managers for ATCA and MicroTCA systems include features not found anywhere else in the industry and we offer an IPMI Controller reference schematic as a complete hardware and software solution as a quick way for you to develop for the ATCA, AMC or MicroTCA form factor without prior IPMI knowledge. 


By leveraging our IP across form factors, we can provide you with hybrid configurable solutions not available elsewhere while retaining the benefits of an open standard COTS architecture. 


We manufacture in-house

An AS9100 certified company, VadaTech has a 92,500 square foot manufacturing and engineering facilities located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Operating our own manufacturing facility, closely coupled with our design engineers, enables us to meet development and deployment schedules without compromise. You can have confidence in the quality and reliability that underpins our warranty. 


The manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment ensuring the highest quality and consistency. This equipment includes full SMT lines and automated optical inspection. The company also has in-house conformal coating, x-ray inspection, thermal/humidity chamber, shaker table, BGA removal, RTV/epoxy dispenser, stencil cleaner, and selective solder machine.   


Every product lot on the SMT line goes through first article inspection. VadaTech is able to trace every serial number to a specific lot and operator at the time of production. With the most advanced equipment and stringent quality processes, we are able to produce highly complex boards/systems with high precision, traceability, and reliability.  



Quick Facts 


Founded: 2004


Global Operations: Headquarters, design and manufacturing facilities in Henderson, NV, USA with design, support and sales offices in 4 countries in Europe and Asia Pacific


Manufacturing: 2 large manufacturing facilities in Henderson, NV to efficiently produce high-value high-mix products.


Customer Base: Our products are deployed globally by tier 1 customers in communications, test, and military/aerospace. 



Our Philosophy

We are technology leaders. VadaTech is a dynamic company pushing technology to new limits. With our vision of continuous innovation, we provide first-to-market silicon and open systems expertise to our customers. Our products are cutting-edge and our people are empowered to leave an impact with everything they do.


We commit to our customers. Partnerships power innovation, and we differentiate ourselves by incorporating our customers’ vision into every step of the product specification and development process. Our collaborative approach expands our clients’ engineering resources and ensures mutual success.


We deliver complexity. For every project, VadaTech offers end-to-end processing and unmatched selection in system management. With motivated engineering teams and close relationships with each of our customers, we create configurable solutions for unique applications. We’re risk-takers, and solving complex problems is what drives us each and every day.


We manufacture in-house. With on-site AS9100 accredited manufacturing facilities, VadaTech provides agile production capabilities and accelerated deployment. By reducing time to market and giving our teams the ability to innovate their product designs in-house, we share ‘the power of vision’ with our customers.