The high energy physics community is adopting MicroTCA (MTCA) architecture, specifically MicroTCA.4, for a range of particle physics applications in research institutions, laboratories and educational organizations worldwide.  


A major goal for high energy physics users is interoperability between labs and a commercially viable upgrade path to high performance and more functionality. MicroTCA architecture not only ticks those boxes but also enables researchers to leverage a single design across multiple applications and multiple labs, provides a fault-tolerant and redundant platform where required, and includes remote firmware upgrades and health management and a special layer for triggering and timing.


VadaTech’s MicroTCA computing building blocks are widely used in military, aerospace and communications equipment and are ideal for a range of high speed, high density data acquisition applications in high energy physics. A full 12-slot chassis with integrated platform management (MCH), data acquisition, signal processing and power modules can reduce cost while our compact chassis solutions can enable you to locate the controls closer to the sensors. Our fast, multichannel, high resolution, low noise ADCs and DACs are proven solutions for large- and small-scale signal processing applications.